Finally I’m launching MAGATA's collection!

It’s been almost three years since I first had the vision for this project during the pandemic.
It’s been quite a journey, but the core principles have remained the same: namely, now is a time for action.

More than ever, we urgently need sustainable solutions; not only in how we source our energy, but also in the spheres of culture, design, and health.

This was the initial stimulus for MAGATA, and since then I have critically examined how to do things, asking myself how this brand could benefit the future of our own and our environment. If you’d like to read more about this, head over to our sustainability  page for more information.

Of course, when I first started MAGATA PROJECT I thought it would be easier, and faster. But I’ve come to realise when you want to build an extensive network of local artisans and offer high-quality design pieces that celebrate slowness, it feels wrong to expect everything to happen at once.

Now that I’m finally ready, this launch is what feels right, and is the culmination of all the values I deem to be important: my lifestyle project, where fashion and wellness are two branches of the same tree.

I hope you will love it as much as I do!

Now…something more about this collection :)

Magata’s clothing range is made up of a seasonless collection, designed to expand with spontaneous releases. Beautiful, well-made products that last for life, to rediscover every season.

Clothes and accessories showcase different personalities and genders, and are made for those who seek to transform an inner power into an outer beauty.

Magata unisex creme Natural wool short kimono jacket 

All the pieces are made entirely from linen, hemp, and organic cotton fabrics. These are high-quality, sustainable fibres, grown without fertilisers and chosen due to their gentle touch, both on the skin and on the environment.

At the beginning we’ll start off with a small amount of stock, and then will work on orders. Here’s why:

  1. Reduced Waste – The world is full of unwanted fashion garments that have been produced and never used. We don’t want to contribute to that.

  2. Local and Handmade – MAGATA is a start-up, and all of our pattern cutting and sewing is done by hand in small workshops. As for the design, concept, marketing, packaging, and general running of the business, we do everything from our Berlin studio. Made to order cuts down on outsourcing, and stays true to the local ethos of the brand.
  1. Less Landfill – In our collection we also use so-called ‘deadstock’, which means we integrate fabric scraps and leftovers that would otherwise go to landfill. This results in a limited number of some designs and a few unique pieces. So, if you fall in love with something, be quick!


Marina xxx