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I spent my summers in the Tuscan and Sicilian countryside, living a life where craft and beautiful objects were key – everything around me had that quality. It became part of me, instinctively, without me knowing. Immersed in a simple calm, I was collecting stones, leaves, and shells with my grandmother Agata.

Growing up next to the sea and sky of the Mediterranean, some of my earliest memories are of colours. There was the pale blue of the morning; the white-hot sand at midday, and the indigo sea at dusk. Colours and textures are a part of my language, and I have long been drawn to how they interact with each other, their origins and meanings, and the ways they influence us.

Magata is the organic evolution of my creative journey, which began when tea at the seamstress with my grandmother Agata, instilled my desire to be part of the process of making clothes and forge meaningful connections. I spent like this entire afternoons, learning about the various properties of textiles and watching these rituals with wide eyes. 

My grandma, she always had this effortless style, looking perfect like it was the most natural thing on Earth. I swear I never saw her leaving the house without hills and make-up, also in her nineties. She showed me how to be at home with the low and the high, always saying that “people should feel comfortable both in the woods or at tea with the Queen”.

Agata's personality thought me sophistication and attention to detail yet deeply influenced me to reflect on that need of perfectionism she had in her, leading me to seek a path that merged my passion for textiles and human stories towards self-acceptance and emancipation.

After years of travelling around the world and starting my career as sustainable design consultant in the fashion industry, Agata passed away in 2019 and the idea for Magata was born. A sanctuary for self-love and expression, where I craft my own language without compromise. A space where there isn’t right nor wrong, beautiful nor ugly.

Inspired by nature's diversity and resilience, Magata is my way to celebrate imperfection as a source of beauty.

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