Working with Italian artisans

Our products are made from humans, and we know all of them!

Creating a garment goes much beyond having an idea and putting together the pieces. It takes fibers, then yarns, weaving the fabric, dyeing it, finishing, cutting, sewing it. MAGATA clothing and accessories are created with thoughtful practices by many fantastic people.
Let's meet them!

Andrea & Massimo

They are the fabric magicians. Master Italian makers of textiles, creating the perfect materials for our pieces.

Stefania, Laila, Azzurra

This fantastic trio checks every inch of our fabrics to reach the perfect quality.


The alchemist. Marchino works his magic in the colour lab, preparing the perfect recipe for our natural dyes.


With her expert hands she is sewing the MAGATA bags with lots of love, care, and passion.


Eleonora is responsible for the bag's development. She makes sure everything in our pieces works from the initial drawing to the final making.


With his expert touch he finishes the Magata fabrics with GOTS and BlueSign certified treatments, used to soften and protect them.

Marco & Giacomo

The team responsible for the dyeing department, they put into practice the recipes prepared in the lab to dye the fabric.


The engineer who is in charge for everything regarding the certifications of our materials and finishing.


We don't know who made your clothes, but we certainly know who made ours.