Pre-order explained


The world is full of unwanted fashion garments that have been created but never used, because we already produce much more than we actually buy, and we consume much more than we really need.

At Magata, we believe this system isn’t sustainable as it leads to consuming resources without producing anything useful. By operating through a pre-order system, we ensure that we only produce to meet the demand.

Pre-ordering allows us to minimise the waste created by remaining products in inventory and materials that might be left over. We use just what we need as holding stock doesn't make much sense for us as a small brand.

Instead, we invest in a few stock metres of our textiles upfront, and our artisan producers in Italy dye and sew them once the orders come through. In this way we support local businesses and communities, while remaining faithful to a time-honoured process – a welcome change to mass production and encouraging a slower approach to life.

Pre-orders give us time to control the production and its quality in loco, resulting in better products. By eliminating the cost of remaining inventory, we are also able to offer more accessible prices. 

Thanks to pre-orders, we cut down on outsourcing and stay true to the ethos of the brand.


To pre-order an item:

  1. Add an item in your preferred size and colour choice (where available) to your basket, as you would for any regular order.
  2. Follow the checkout process, as usual – no changes here – and pay for your item in full.
  3. Your order will be dispatched by the date provided on the product page (allow 2 weeks for production). We'll keep you updated on the progress of your pre-order by email.

It's important to note that not all collections are produced based on a pre-order system. For example, limited-edition bags and some small accessories can be yours right away. The best way to know whether you are buying a pre-order product or not is to check the product description.

We will communicate any additions or changes to our pre-order system via the newsletter. To stay informed, you can sign up here. 


Thank you for supporting our pre-order system!