MAGATA is a design studio based in Berlin, building since 2021 a network of local artisans in Tuscany. Designer Marina Elli combines Italian craft with the creative and sustainable energy of the German capital.

Marina grew up in a family where craftsmanship, sustainability, and travelling were cherished. After studying first International Relations and then Design, she spent several months in rural Scotland where she learned the philosophy of Permaculture: a holistic design system for creating harmonious relationships between humans, plants, animals, and the Earth.

She is an interior designer, and a design consultant in the fashion industry, but has also spent the last ten years travelling around the world having lived in Italy, UK, Scotland, California and now Germany. Here she decided to start her own project and founded Magata. Read more...

Using colour’s origins and meanings as a starting point, and with a super strong focus on fabric, shaping and detailing, Marina applies her design skills to interior decoration, textiles, and unique handmade objects.

The studio is open to consultancy and collaborations, and offers the opportunity for co-creation on selected projects. We invite you to contact us.