Independent fashion brand based in Berlin – MAGATA means enchanted, a little mystical and dreamy.

Born at the intersection of Nordic minimalism and Mediterranean art and culture, the label envisions clothing for the fluid and open minded human.

Seeker of those moments that bring change and shape the direction of the life, and lover of those small details that out of simplicity create the unexpected.

Curious of the tactile contact with stimulating textures, reminders of adventures in far off lands spent collecting shells, leaves and stones.

Af all of nature's spectrum, the colour white is the favourite one – infinite, nuanced, forever elegant.

Admirer of quiet beauty, MAGATA limited collections play with a minimal palette and flowing silhouettes that invite to unwind, feel the self...and radiate.

"I see the clothing as a journey to find inspiration and harmony within yourself, changing the things that make you feel restricted instead of free. It's about highlighting the essence and moving the focus away from the trend of the day"
– Marina Elli, founder of Magata

A selected few pieces at a time, are designed to effortlessly transition from one occasion to an other, and meant to be cherished for years. Because less really is more.

Magata is open to collaborations and consultancy, we invite you to contact us.