The Brand


A project in continuous evolution, an ongoing journey towards the new world we dream of: one where we live in harmony with nature and we can freely express ourselves.

A look that's natural, sophisticated yet with a playful twist – this is MAGATA.

Escaping seasonal trends and restrictions imposed by gender and age, we wanted to create a curated line of effortless and versatile pieces that celebrate diversity and naturalness. Made to live in, share, and wear forever.

The label also explores the urgent need of balance between the natural world and our urban lifestyles, with garments that feel like a second skin and connect with the soul.

Starting the design process from high-quality natural fabric & dyes with a unique haptic sense, we place great attention to color and favor the use of white as a neutral canvas to let the individuality of the wearer shine through.

Our look is natural, sophisticated yet with a playful twist. Clean lines, and sharp Italian tailoring, are combined with unexpected delicate details that introduce us to new ways of seeing – as well as expressive print-designs.

Free-flowing silhouettes easy to travel with and dress up or down in different occasions, is the key to MAGATA'S COLLECTION: unique ready-to-wear and accessories for all of us.

Marina Elli, the Creative Director of Magata, grew up in Tuscany, surrounded by Mediterranean beauty. Nature has always played an important part in her work, acting both as healer in the city and as a connection to share.

She is an interior designer, and a sustainable design consultant in the fashion industry – but has also spent the last ten years in contact with the design philosophy of Permaculture – and travelling around the world having lived in Italy, UK, Scotland, California and now Berlin. Here she founded Magata in 2021, and since then is building a network of local artisans in Florence – combining Italian craft with the creative and sustainable energy of the German capital.

Magata embodies this spirit, focusing on the special role that textiles and clothes can play in connecting us to people and the natural world.

MAGATA PROJECT is open to consultancy and collaborations, and offers the opportunity for co-creation on selected projects.
We invite you to contact us.