Promoting the health of our planet and our own are MAGATA's guiding principles. Our products are made from natural fibres and dyes, fighting the effect of microplastics and chemical pollution. The following steps are part of our journey towards a more sustainable future.

/ We use only 100% natural and biodegradable fibres
/ We source deadstock and off-series materials
/ We don't produce any fabric, but give a second life to the forgotten ones
/ We dye our fabrics using 100% natural dyes
/ We privilege dye-less colour ways
/ We create everything in Florence, at a km0 level

/ We know the people we work with and regularly visit them
/ We provide garments made with love and passion

/ We work with monthly drops, avoiding seasonal trends
/ We design unique and limited-edition garments
/ We make clothes that cover a wide array of sizes and fit different body shapes
/ We choose genderless silhouettes that are made to share
/ We ship your orders in a recycled and biodegradable paper envelope once a week and offer local pick-up at our Berlin Studio